Airstrike on Syrian town hit by chemical weapons kills 1

Posted April 13, 2017

Before the statement's release, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denounced the "flagrant U.S. aggression on Syria".

University student Ashraf Fadel said he came to denounce "the unjust American aggression against Syria".

Washington ordered the assault after accusing Damascus of carrying out a chemical attack against the town of Khan Shaykhun in the northwestern Syria province of Idlib last Tuesday.

Bashar al-Assad, his regime's officials as well as Khamenei, Rouhani, and the IRGC commanders who are responsible for the murder of 500,000 Syrians and displacing more than half of the population of that country, should be brought to justice.

Rights activists say the country's human rights situation has not significantly improved under Rohani and that attacks on the media and civil liberties have continued. On Sunday, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that the U.S. could strike Syria again.

"In my first visit to NY to attend the UNGA meeting, I told European Union leaders that backing terrorists now would end up threatening the security of their own respective countries", Rouhani added.

The United States and other Western countries said the Khan Sheikhun attack was carried out by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and have called out Assad's allies in the six-year war, Russian Federation and Iran, over the tragedy.

Turkey's foreign minister says Ankara sees the USA intervention in Syria as appropriate but not enough.

Rouhani, who plans to run for re-election in the May polls, described the USA strike as a "mistake".

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"We need to wait two or three more days", he said.

To The Wall Street Journal's question on Iran's next move after the USA missile attack in Syria, and what measures Iran and Russian Federation have agreed upon in regard to the Syrian conflict following the United States attack, President Rouhani stressed that Iran still believes the only viable solution to end the crisis in Syria is a political approach and the progress of peace talks.

Allies of Damascus have threatened reprisals against any party that carries out "aggression" against Syria, two days after USA missile strikes hit a Syrian airbase.

The village is in the northern province of Raqqa where US -backed Syrian fighters have been on the offensive against IS under the cover of USA -led coalition airstrikes.

Cavusoglu said after the transitional government takes over, it will be followed with elections in which Syrians in the country and overseas can vote.

The Islamic Republic regards the election in part as a show of defiance against renewed US pressure under President Donald Trump, particularly after his missile attack last week on Iran's regional ally Syria.

Saudi Arabia said the missile launch was the right response to "the crimes of this regime to its people in light of the failure of the global community to stop it".

The kingdom is among the most vehement opponents of Assad and supports Sunni rebel groups fighting to oust him. The Sunni rulers of Saudi Arabia are in a power struggle for regional dominance with Iran's Shiite government.