Axelrod: Trump's Susan Rice allegation 'beneath the dignity of that office'

Posted April 12, 2017

And while former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has been implicated as at least one of the officials who sought redacted names from surveillance transcripts, multiple lawmakers and investigators for the panel told Fox News the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency - all agencies in position to aid the probe - are not cooperating.

When asked if Ms. Rice, who has denied leaking the names of Trump associates under surveillance by United States intelligence agencies, had committed a crime, the president said, "Do I think?"

Rice on Tuesday confirmed reports that she requested the "unmasking" of names of USA citizens that had been "minimized", or censored, from intelligence reports regarding the surveillance of foreign targets.

She says the requests were only be made for national security purposes.

According to a us official, Rice asked spy agencies to give her the names of Trump associates who surfaced in intelligence reports she was regularly briefed on.

Rice also denied that she leaked information to the press, saying "I leaked nothing to nobody".

On NBC's Today, anchor Matt Lauer began the Rice report by complaining that she was being "dragged" into "the conversation on Russia" by the Trump Administration.

Trump did not repeat his claim at a White House news conference shortly after the Times interview. She has intergovernmental immunity, already, for any mistakes she may have committed in the performance of the regular and customary duties of her job as National Security Advisor.

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It is time to call out Democrats and reporters who portray the idea that Russian Federation intervened in the election to help Trump win as established truth because it is the unanimous assessment of all 17 USA intelligence agencies.

In late March, Rice said publicly that she knew "nothing" of President Trump's claims that he was wiretapped. The first was an October 7 statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that said WikiLeaks disclosures of Democratic emails during the election were "consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts" but did not say there was any evidence of Russian involvement.

Rep. Peter King, a Republican who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox that the intelligence reports Americans got swept up in are more detailed than previously thought.

Nunes' spokesman said he was was concerned about "possible improper unmasking" of Trump associates in intelligence reports, referring to seeking their names. The president's advisers quickly embraced Nunes' revelations, but did not acknowledge at the time that the congressman had viewed the information at the White House with the help of White House officials.

The White House and its allies will try hard for that to be so.

"This is information about their everyday lives", he said. Cooper said. "No, he was talking about Susan Rice".

The U.S. routinely monitors the communications of foreigners.

Susan Rice, who was among former President Barack Obama's top aides, can not be trusted. Lindsey Graham, a Rice enemy of many years.