Video shows guards dragging passenger off United flight

Posted April 11, 2017

The US carrier United Airlines says a man wouldn't give up his spot on an overbooked flight Sunday.

When no one volunteered four people were chosen by the computer at random and three of them left the plane.

The CEO of United Airlines has apologised and a USA police officer has been suspended after footage of officers dragging a 69-year-old Chinese passenger from an overbooked United flight sparked global outrage. "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers", he said in a statement on United's Twitter.

He said the airline is working with authorities and will conduct its own detailed review of the incident.

Security was called in, the airline said, when one passenger refused to leave his seat.

"The incident on United flight 3411 was not in accordance with our standard operating procedure and the actions of the aviation security officer are obviously not condoned by the Department", Pride said. "Oh my God!" a female passenger is heard saying on the video. The manager told him that security would be called if he did not leave willingly, Bridges said, and the man said he was calling his lawyer. Another man travelling with high school students stood up at that point and said they were getting off the plane, she said.

The incident occurred after United asked passengers to give up their seats voluntarily for compensation.

The flight was operated for United by Republic Airline, which United hires to fly United Express flights. The man in the video had said he was a doctor, with patients to see, and therefore could not be delayed. We apologize for the overbook situation.

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On Sunday, United overbooked a flight from Chicago to Louisville and asked for volunteers to take another flight.

After he was removed, Kelley said the man somehow returned to the plane with blood on his face.

Fellow passenger Jayse Anspach, who goes by @JayseDavid on Twitter, wrote: "No one volunteered (to leave), so @United made a decision to choose for us". Passengers were offered $400 and a hotel stay.

The company was just recovering from a scandal that took place last month when two teenage girls were barred by a gate agent from boarding a United Airlines flight from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings.

The United Contract of Carriage lays out specific policies for passengers who are not allowed to board overbooked flights but doesn't cite policy for removing passengers who are already seated on such flights.

Then the man in the video was told he needed to leave.

Videos taken by other passengers on the same flight drew more than a million hits on social media, with many criticizing United Airline's handling of the incident.

"We nearly felt like we were being taken hostage", said Tyler Bridges.