Apple Clips Review: Snapchat-like Fun…If You Can Figure It Out

Posted April 09, 2017

I added some text overlays and emoji, and fumbled my way through Live Titles, the feature that's distinctive to Apple Clips.

When sharing with friends in Messages, Clips can also suggest who to share with based on the people who appear in the video, and the people a user shares with most often.

The Bad/Less Good The app offers pretty limited options in terms of what you can decorate photos and videos with.

If you haven't noticed yet, the most popular apps right now, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, are all about video.

Firstly, it has the same interface as the iPhone camera app, so familiarity isn't an issue.

Needless to say, you can learn the app in a few minutes, tops.

The app's very simple to use. You can also choose where you want the captions to appear on the video.

Clips makes it relatively easy to capture, import, and edit video or photos and add special effects such as stickers or filters.

Clips is available on the App Store now, and you can head to the product's official website to get the highlights of how it works.

Importing videos and then clipping them up is done with the same motion. You won't be able to download this if you have an Android device, and Apple has shown no intention of porting Clips to the Google mobile platform. The precision you can get cutting up different video clips with something like iMovie is lost, but most of us don't need that precision - we just want to order some clips together.

But basically everything you see on screen is editable, which is incredibly useful. We still question whether anyone will choose Clips over the video options in Snap and Instagram. You can find out how to upgrade your iOS software here.

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It's not the strongest editor, but if you want to run through some quick edits then you can, and if you need to dig deeper to change the strength of an effect or tweak the brightness and contrast, then that's possible too. You can preview the poster animation using 3D Touch.

Finally, you can also add title cards by tapping the T icon, and a soundtrack by tapping the music note icon.

No Clips Stories; no ephemeral messaging; no new usernames to secure or QR codes to share.

Clips is a tool that allows you to produce square videos that can easily be shared on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Don't worry too much if you get stuck using Clips.

This app will most certainly be a godsend to those of us who don't have the time and skill to use desktop programs like Final Cut Pro, or even iMovie. It typically contains app icons and shortcuts for specific functions within apps, such as "Save to Dropbox". Apple's even included customizable transition screens that can be added to your timeline. And, really, it's an offline video-editing tool that can post your creations afterward.

Turn on Live Titles as you're speaking to automatically translate your words to text.

You can put together up to an hour length of video in one project, but no clips used in the project can be any longer than 30-minutes in length.

To use one of Apple's favorite phrases, it's a bit magical.

Apple has allowed you to include music in your videos as well.