Samsung TVs can be hacked and remotely controlled

Posted April 06, 2017

It appears that no one who understands security was involved either in the writing of the code or in reviewing it, he said, resulting in everything going wrong that possibly could go wrong. "Everything you can do wrong there, they do it". We should also mention that over 10 million Samsung smartphones also run on Tizen.

"If Amihai Neiderman's findings are accurate, it is alarming that Samsung is shipping smart TVs, smartwatches and mobile phones with many serious security flaws", said Michael Patterson, CEO of networking-security software maker Plixer International. This is the attempt of the South Korean tech company to detach itself from Google's Android software.

But two separate and more recent demonstrations from security researchers have shown that Samsung users are more vulnerable than first believed.

Paul Calatayud, CTO of FireMon, added that the newly found bugs are especially concerning given that United States intelligence agencies were also revealed to have been researching exploits in smart TVs.

Neiderman didn't say if hackers have been exploiting some of the flaws built into Tizen, and he has only been analyzing the software for the past eight months. "It's like taking an undergraduate and letting him programme your software". The CIA related documents uploaded by Wikileaks proves to everyone that Tizen is not yet ready to replace Android on Samsung's flagship smartphones.

Samsung's Tizen operating system has come in for strong criticism after a security researcher reportedly found as many as 40 zero day bugs in it. Not one, but all of the exploits could allow nefarious parties to take complete control of your Tizen-based devices via remote-code execution.

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"In order to prevent such issues in the future, the not-for-profit prpl foundation is working with industry to develop ways to create a more secure IoT".

If Samsung ever wants to supplant Android as the operating system of choice for its scores of consumer electronics devices, it might want to get a handle on its security nightmare.

To make matters even worse, SSL encryption is not used by default when it comes to transmitting secure data.

Mashable has contacted Samsung about these security issues and we will update the post if we hear from them.

In an interview with Motherboard, Neiderman absolutely destroyed Tizen. However, the "Holy Grail" for hackers is the Tizen app store. "There's a great chance that we'll see [next year's] Galaxy S9 coming with Tizen, and the OS is not mature enough".

Following the Motherboard's report, Samsung got in touch with Neiderman and said: "We are fully committed to cooperating with Mr. Neiderman to mitigate any potential vulnerabilities".