April is Distracted Driving Awareness month

Posted April 05, 2017

"Refrain from texting and driving".

The study found that in states like IL with laws against driving while using hand-held devices, the average time drivers spent on the phone was 3.17 minutes per 100 miles, compared with 3.82 minutes in states with no laws against hand- held use. "The cell phone is the main distraction and most obvious one".

The Berlin Police Department will be out in force looking for distracted drivers through April 30 as part of the U Drive.

The Wildwood Crest Police Department will be participating in the statewide "U Drive, U Text, U Pay" campaign in support of the Division of Highway Traffic Safety crackdown.

In California, there were 85 people killed in collisions in which distracted driving was a factor in 2015, 87 in 2014, and 84 in 2013.

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Always give driving your full attention.

The top 10 percent of distracted drivers were 2.3 times more likely to be in a crash than the average driver. Kiefer was hit by a girl who was speeding and distracted driving- the girl was said to be snap chatting while driving making her oblivious to Kiefer being stopped because of traffic. Those numbers represent a 9 percent increase from the previous year. "Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go to change attitudes and behaviors about distracted driving".

The CHP will join other law enforcement agencies throughout the state to conduct education and zero tolerance enforcement efforts to discourage distracted driving.

"It's really hard for people to put the phone down when you can do so many things with your phone", Roman said. "If you want to send a text and you have a passenger inside the vehicle have that person send the text for you", added Corporal Henry. We're going to continue campaigns that target people who choose to pick up a phone when they're behind the wheel, rather than concentrate on the task of driving. "Apps are great, but not while you're driving".