FILLED IRON FIST PODCAST SPECIAL - How does Danny Rand really measure up?

Posted April 04, 2017

Iron Fist is not that Netflix series for which fans was waiting for, the series has dissapoint many of Netflix fans. The announcement last March ignited controversy online over Marvel's choice not to change the "white savior" narrative from the comics of the 1970s - the role of Danny Rand, otherwise known as Iron Fist, is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man, though the character has deep roots in Asian culture and storytelling.

If "Iron Fist" becomes more mystical in Season 2 - like "The Immortal Iron Fist", the fantastic Marvel Comics series - and more K'un-Lun focused, it could make up for Marvel and Netflix deciding to stay away from the superhero and supernatural aspects in Season 1.

The method Thomas describes has actually been put to use by Marvel comics in recent years: classic characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and others have been killed or incapacitated, only to be replaced by a character of a different gender and/or race.

More recently, Jones quit and returned to Twitter after defending the show and his casting. Thomas is only "vaguely aware" of the controversy surrounding Iron Fist, but he's not sorry.

Thomas later added: "I just think some people have too much time on their hands, I guess". "I don't know if they'll overlap a little bit". "But [either way] he really helped get the word through that I'm coming to test, and that he enjoyed working with me". It's just an adventure story. Luke Cage and Iron Fist were good friends in the comics and it is likely they show up in each other's universe off and on after the Defenders concludes. "I know Oriental isn't the right word now, either".

Despite Danny Rand's race, Thomas said Iron Fist as a character didn't necessarily have to be white.

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Jones tweeted a link to a speech about racial diversity made by "Star Wars: Rogue One" actor Riz Ahmed, prompting a backlash by online users who accused the "Iron Fist" star of being a hypocrite.

The original character "wasn't meant to stand for any race". Certainly, sticking with the same old story and characters hasn't made things any more interesting for Iron Fist.

Shortly after the response was published, many responded to Thomas' comments, including actress Jessica Henwick, who portrays Colleen Wing in the Netflix series.

However, the casting isn't the only reason critics are finding issue with "Iron Fist", at least according to Jones. All of the characters in the Marvel-verse have superpowers, so I'll never get it.

It's a reference to Shau-Lao the dragon - in the Iron Fist comics, Danny Rand gains his powers from fighting a dragon, and punching its heart out.

Henwick said she knows what it's like to feel "misrepresented" and "underrepresented". Instead of reusing the same exhausted "fish out of water" narrative that appropriates an often misconstrued culture, Iron Fist could have provided a fresh, much needed perspective. "Iron Fist" is now on Netflix.