'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 3 to premiere on June 4

Posted April 04, 2017

Catch The Walking Dead Season 7 finale on AMC's official site here. The villain was surprised when he opened the casket to let Sasha out and she had already turned into a walker. He's silent on the details, but we know it can't be good. They, however, are leery of him since, you know, he shot Tara's girlfriend in the eye with a crossbow and tortured Daryl and that kind of stuff.

This of course sets up the big confrontation between The Saviors and combined Survivors / Scavengers (as they're officially known) forces. It also left Sasha making the ultimate sacrifice by taking her own life instead of being used by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as bait.

Negan tells Sasha that a punishment is in order and that he's planning to kill three of their people.

If you were watching last night's "Talking Dead", you learned that "Fear" is kicking off on Sunday, June 4th, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes.

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And then in comes Shiva, Ezekiel's loyal tiger friend. But what he did tell me ahead of time was that it was going to be sacrificial in a sense, and that it was gonna be very heroic in a sense.

Earlier in the year Sonequa's future in the hit AMC drama was brought into question after she was announced as the lead character in "Star Trek: Discovery".

It's a typically well-directed moment by guru Greg Nicotero insofar that you come close to falling off your seat despite fully expecting it - but it's what follows that will take your breath away in a manner this show has failed to do since arguably Carol's takedown of the cannibalistic Hunters at the beginning of season five. That's actually, when I got things the writing started to falter, and honestly, this many seasons in, I find Negan and life at The Sanctuary more interesting than all the melodramas back in Alexandria. I want more battles, more zombies, and and more Negan.

Benjamin H. Smith is a NY based writer, producer and musician who grew up in the 1980's and thus has a deeper understanding of zombie movies than most other people.