North Koreans hiding in Malaysian embassy return to Pyongyang

Posted April 02, 2017

Malaysia has not severed ties with North Korea despite the row over Kim-Jong Nam's murder and detention of Malaysian citizens there.

Malaysian police investigating what USA and South Korean officials say was an assassination carried out by North Korean agents at Kuala Lumpur's airport took statements from the three suspects before they were allowed to leave the country.

However, he said North Korea should never resort to unlawful action and go against global law and convention again, in an apparent reference to the assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia, widely believed to have been ordered by the rogue regime, the Star reported.

"This is what is required by the law, " he said, confirming that the North Korean duo were allowed to leave Malaysia. Their official came and identified the deceased as Kim Jong-nam.

We received moral support, logistics support, food supplies and medicine supplies from them.

Malaysian police had named eight North Koreans they wanted to question in the case, including the three given safe passage to return home. "We got their statement and we are satisfied and we are done with them", he said at a press conference today.

The Prime Minister was making an apparent reference to the murder of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia, widely believed to have been ordered by the rogue regime.

However, the police chief did not discount the possibility the North Korean leader had claimed custody of the body.

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"We wanted their statements as they were a part of our investigations".

The diplomatic spat erupted after North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol made baseless allegations against Malaysia over the handling of the case, resulting in Malaysia declaring him persona non grata and ordering him to leave within 48 hours.

Two women - one Vietnamese and one Indonesian - have been charged with killing Kim, who died after the women were seen on airport surveillance cameras smearing a substance on his face as he waited to catch a flight.

However, Malaysian police used a DNA sample to establish the victim was Kim Jong-nam. His body was flown out Thursday to Beijing on its way to Pyongyang.

"We need the four to complete our investigation".

Tensions between Kuala Lumpur and Pyongyang arose following the murder of Jong-nam, 46, at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) here on Feb 13.

"The barred departure of diplomats and their family members was a grave and unacceptable breach of the Vienna Convention", the embassy said.