Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Premiere: Will You Keep Listening, Uh, Watching?

Posted April 02, 2017

When we first started working on this, I told my mom that I'm definitely harder at being a producer. There are so many artists on the soundtrack that I'm so proud of.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, there is always someone to talk to.

She needn't have anxious.

Oh, and "13 Reasons Why" also has a pair of remarkable lead performances that do full justice to the ambiguities of the teen years. Selena took to Instagram to express gratitude at seeing 13 Reasons Why come to life on the small screen. "Thank you to every single soul that put their heart into this passion project". Clay doesn't take Jeff's keys, offer to drive, or really do anything to prevent him from driving, even though Clay clearly doesn't believe Jeff when he says he's sober. "During that time I did not have my cellphone". "13 Reasons Why" is available on Netflix now. Each involves a person she knew well - and Clay soon realises he's central to the story.

The show follows the mysterious suicide of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). But even its flaws help to mimic the show's ultimate goal: to paint a gorgeous, and bad tapestry of what it means to live on this planet - and what it means for those that stay behind when we leave it. As you see with Hannah and her parents, played by Brian d'Arcy James and Kate Walsh (who has never been better), the voices of loved ones saying that they're there for you can be softer than the voices telling you that maybe, just maybe, life would be easier for everyone if you just disappeared.

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But when tackling issues as complex as mental health and suicide, television must be careful to walk the line between reality and creative license - or so many critics are saying, who argue that shows such as "13 Reasons Why" can be beneficial as well as harmful, depending on their approach.

"She's so fantastic", he told us.

Selena Gomez's new show "13 Reasons Why" premiered on Netflix Thursday night, and Gomez is feeling some kind of way about it.

It stemmed from a desire to do the source material - and the book's author Jay Asher - justice, Gomez said. Just a few months later, I had a close relative who attempted suicide, who was the same age as Hannah: a junior in high school. I understand what it's like to be bullied, to feel lost, to feel like I'm not good enough. #13ReasonsWhy is now live on #Netflix! And while 13 Reasons Why certainly doesn't go out of its way to villainize half of its cast, it's a strangely revolutionary admission within the teen drama pantheon that still feels totally true to its characters. In short, here we are ready to binge-watcher 13 Reasons Why and especially do not hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments.