Why Is Twitter Ditching The Egg Avatar?

Posted April 01, 2017

Twitter is unveiled its new default profile image, ditching its iconic "egg" design. Now, continued the blog, it is time for something new from the company that "encourages people to upload their own photos for more personal expression".

"Egg" accounts-Twitter profiles that have the default "egg" avatar instead of a profile photo-are frequently associated with bots and throwaway accounts.

"We reviewed many variations of our figure, altering both the head and shoulders to feel more inclusive to all genders", they added.

Many Twitter users have learned the hard way to be skeptical of accounts featuring eggs, as they often seem to be the sources of trolling, harassment, and spam.

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Since 2010, the egg has been the avatar given to new users on Twitter. The post explains that, in part, Twitter feels like the new default avatar will be incentive for people to stop using the default avatar.

It also comes in a darker shade accompanying a a figure with a thicker head and body for those who are visually impaired. The social network announced Friday that it's replacing its default "egg" profile photos with generic silhouettes in order to encourage people to actually upload a photo to "prompt more self-expression". In addition to this, Twitter worked to ensure that the default profile picture included everyone and should not at all be gender biased.

Twitter has always been notorious as a cesspool of abuse, and that's been tied, in part, to its default egg avatar. Over time the image itself will take on the same connotation as the egg, but Twitter will likely succeed in dismantling the shared cultural meaning of an important term.

Twitter has made a big show about trying to solve the seemingly endless amount of abuse and targeted harassment on its platform. When people identify their Twitter handles outside of Twitter, they precede it with a @. Here's what Twitter hasn't done this week: Solve the massive abuse problems that are driving users away from the site.