New Haven county ranks lowest in Connecticut County Health Rankings

Posted March 30, 2017

We need to hear about their lived experiences.

The top five healthiest counties in the state ware either entirely or partially in New Mexico's Third Congressional District.

The County Health Rankings report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute is created to help explain the factors that influence the health of the community.

Labette County, which ranked second from the bottom last year, was deemed the least healthy in this year's report. Examples of community success stories, as well as additional data, are available at The local-level data make it clear that good health is influenced by many factors beyond medical care, including housing, education, jobs, access to healthy foods, and more. Guilford County ranks 27th on that scale, a one-spot drop from a year ago.

Neighboring Chester County ranked highest in the state on health outcomes.

The study takes into account length of life and quality of life.

Some findings are troubling: More Americans are dying prematurely.

The new figures showed Shawnee County ranked 77th in quality of life, down from 61st a year ago.

Mendoza acknowledged that some of the health problems in Monroe County could be driven by poverty in the urban and rural areas.

Physical inactivity in Boone County has declined, meaning more people are becoming more active.

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Adult smoking is 22 percent, the same as the OH percentage. That latter percent is way above the 24 percent mark statewide.

Adult obesity was 31 percent in Bibb and Houston and 34 percent in Jones and Peach counties.

Chippewa County has 15 percent of its children in poverty and 24 percent of children are in single-parent households. The study said that 69 percent of residents in Marion County had access to exercise opportunities, compared to 83 percent in Ohio.

"We are celebrating the improvements that have been made in the county, but also want to draw attention to our decline in the health factor ranking which moved from 6 to 15", he said.

Apache and Navajo counties also have the highest Native American populations in Arizona, with 73.5 percent and 45.2 percent, respectively, according to a 2015 census. The healthiest county in the state is Sioux.

Austin Public Health said the rankings serve to help build "a culture of health so that everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and fulfill their human potential".

Wabasha County ranks ninth in health outcomes and 13th in health factors, while Dakota County ranks 12th in health outcomes and fifth in health factors, according to the report. About 4.9 million young people in the United States - 1 out of 8 - fall into this category, the report said.

Statewide, 24 percent of people are considered in poor to fair health, double the rate in the top performing US counties. However, only 78 percent of Arizonans graduated from high school in four years.

Pottawattamie county is ranked so lowly in part because of the number of premature deaths they have every year.