Uber suspends self-driving car program in Pennsylvania after crash

Posted March 29, 2017

Uber's fleet of self-driving cars restarted testing, after a high-speed crash on Friday, March 24 evening in Tempe, Arizona flipped one of the company's modified Volvo SUVs onto its side.

Just a couple of days back we were hit with reports of an Uber self-driving auto getting involved in a serious accident over in Tempe, Arizona.

A number of executives have quit in recent weeks, including the president, Jeff Jones.

The company launched self-driving cars onto the streets of Pittsburgh in September 2016, which represented the first time such a service has been launched in the U.S. The photos are showing the Uber vehicle on its side, while the other auto is behind it, visibly hit, full of scratches and with its windows broken.

The Uber test auto had been driving autonomously at the time of the incident but did not have any passengers (except the driver) on board. However, their Volvo SUV was not at fault for what happened.

Critical to Uber's longterm success, the drive to autonomy has hit a few potholes.

In Arizona, companies such as Uber only need to carry minimum liability insurance policies to operate self-driving cars.

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In a statement released to the public, Uber spokeswoman Josie Montenegro said, "There was a person behind the wheel". The cars were seen driving through red lights. Last year, a Tesla driver was killed with the car's Autopilot system engaged.

The crash's connection to Arizona is newsworthy due to the state's openness to welcoming the self-driving program to its state with open arms. Also, to test their limits and capacity. It was reared into effect once again, when Susan J. Fowler, a former Uber engineer, published a scathing tell-all detailing the company's horrifying treatment of sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, the reports of which primarily went ignored, downplayed, and even used against the individual who was reporting such instances.

Uber's San Francisco programme is now in development mode.

Uber has been moving aggressively to put its self-driving vehicles on the road with passengers in the backseat.

Those problems come after a series of other issues. This, of course, refers to Uber's alleged exploitation of Trump's now-blocked immigration ban, in which it turned off surge pricing for Uber drivers driving around a location where cab drivers were holding a protest. The video showing Travis Kalanick in a heated argument with a driver was the latest such controversy.

The exoneration of the robo-car is good news for the greater self-driving community, too.