Tecumseh police officer shot overnight has died, police report Monday

Posted March 28, 2017

Officer Justin Terney of the Tecumseh Police Department pulled a vehicle over in Tecumseh at around 11:30 p.m. on March 26, according to the Daily Mail. Terney chased the suspect and attempted to tase them, but police said it had no affect on the suspect. Police say the suspected shooter was also wounded and taken to a hospital. Terney was shot by a man who was then shot by Terney in an exchange of gunfire, said Tecumseh Police Assistant Chief J.R. Kidney.

Shepard is in the ICU after being shot four times.

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Kidney told The Oklahoman that Terney had a new puppy and had hoped to become a canine officer. Kidney says that man remained hospitalized for his wounds. "We need everybody to rally around and support us".

Kidney confirmed that Terney, who had been shot about three times, died Monday morning.

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He said authorities are still working to confirm the identity of the suspect, who was also shot multiple times. Police plan to release more information at a press conference later Monday.

'Officer Terney's death is a poignant reminder of the inherent dangers associated with law enforcement.

Tecumseh police say the officer is in critical condition Monday morning at OU Medical Center. He was losing a lot of blood so we knew that we needed that.

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