Israel's multi-layer defense system fully operational soon

Posted March 21, 2017

The sharp uptick in tensions on Israel's northern border has resulted in increased rhetoric by both senior Israeli political and military officials, with the hardline defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, warning that Israel would not hesitate to "destroy" Syria's air defence system if it fired on Israeli jets again.

"In the next two weeks we will declare operational the David's Sling and at that time we will have completed our multi-tier (defence capability)", said the officer who could not be identified under military rules.

That includes the Arrow, created to intercept ballistic missiles in the stratosphere from long-range threats like Iran and Iron Dome that defends against short-range rockets from Gaza.

Israeli jets have reportedly bombed a number of targets in Syria including a Hezbollah weapons convoy and Syrian military sites, after a weekend of escalations between the neighboring nations. "The directives, the policy and the orders are very clear: neutralize and intercept any threat that endangers the residents of the State of Israel, and that's also what we did last week".

The Syrian media reported that the country's Defense Ministry claimed that one Israeli plane was downed and another was damaged from anti-aircraft fire.

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The Israeli analysts pointed out that Syria President Bashar Assad is directly supported by Hezbollah, Iran and Russian Federation and feels that he can intensify the confrontation with the Zionist entity.

"Russia can play a role so that Israel no longer attacks Syria", Assad told Russian journalists yesterday.

At the same time, Putin has been cozying up with Israel and discreetly coordinating each others' security activities so as to avoid crossing one another in Syria.

Bogdanov said Moscow hoped that Syrian armed opposition would be able to attend the peace talks. He continued to say that the Syrians must know that they are responsible for these arms deals with Hezbollah and if continue down this road, Israel will do what they have to do to stop them. With Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran and now USA forces directly engaged, more of these flare-ups could very well be on the way.

Israel had anticipated a conflict that would undermine the Assad regime, seriously wound Hezbollah and push back Iran's attempts to expand its influence.