Gennady Golovkin beats Daniel Jacobs on points as knockout streak ends

Posted March 20, 2017

His three previous decision victories were eight-round fights, with the last one coming in June 2008.

"At times I stood toe-to-toe with him to see what the power was like, what everybody was talking about, and it wasn't that bad", Jacobs said.

Golovkin did send Jacobs to the canvas in the fourth round, but the US fighter recovered. Golovkin could easily be inserted into that slot as he emerged victorious on Saturday night. He was landing hard combinations and appeared to have Jacobs staggering before the bell stopped the action.

Jacobs did well when he fought at a distance and used his jab, while Golovkin did better when he used his jab to set up right hands. How come De la Hoya waited on and avoided top opposition thru his boxing career but there is no merit on Golovkin for being avoided by the so called big names? Although he won the fight, it wasn't considered his best performance. There have been some criticisms about some of the opponents on his résumé, but it's certainly not anything to do with our side. Not since Edwin Valero - remember him? - has a titleholder had such a savage run of knockouts, a potpourri of body shots (Matthew Macklin), head shots (Daniel Geale) and wear-you-down shots (Martin Murray) that left a swollen body count in his wake. All we can do is make offers. But Jacobs' showed well against an opponent so feared and avoided and marginalized throughout his ascent from YouTube curiosity to world middleweight champion that it was thought he might never get a big fight.

Brook, last year, offered a glimpse into how Jacobs might prevail against Golovkin.

Particularly as Canelo and his team might now think Golovkin is more beatable than they previously might have.

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Abel Sanchez, Golovkin's trainer, hopes his fighter gets the opportunity to fight Saunders and Alvarez.

Srikaset did what was necessary to take Gonzalez out of his comfort zone as an extended stay at the 115 pound limit prove too much for the previously undefeated title holder.

There was no urgency in Golovkin's work in the minutes after the knockdown when Jacobs was clearly vulnerable, ready to be removed from the neon stage and it looked like there was a crisis in his own confidence as he moved away behind high hands, a look of dread on his face.

Golovkin's IBF title was not at stake because Jacob's skipped a fight-day weight check.

In his post-fight interview with HBO's Max Kellerman, Golovkin expressed his desire to face Canelo Alvarez or to face Daniel Jacobs in a rematch. "I respect this man".

But his streak of 23 consecutive knockouts? He went 12 rounds against a very good fighter and shed the label as just a slugger. It was the first time that he had ever done 12 rounds.

But angry Jacobs insisted: "I think I won this fight and so do the crowd here". Going into the eighth round, Jacobs had an argument for having won the prior two rounds. In Golovkin's corner Abel Sanchez remained calm until the final bell, his assuring words a simple compliment to Golovkin's impassive flat face; the pair seemed immune to the reality of the hard fight, perhaps confident that the triple G brand was safe even on a bad night. Add in Jacobs' skilful elusiveness, and he had a clear recipe to avoid the knockout even if he couldn't win the decision.