Sicilian volcano Mt Etna erupts in front of BBC crew

Posted March 18, 2017

Sicily's Mount Etna volcano unleashed an explosion Thursday, hurling molten rocks and steam that rained down on tourists, journalists and a scientist who scrambled to escape the barrage.

Incredible footage has emerged showing the "terrifying moment" a BBC crew got caught up in an explosion at Mount Etna this week.

Etna rises above the town of Catania, and records of its activity date back to 1,500 B.C. According to the Volcano Discovery site, there have been more than four dozen eruptions, with one ongoing.

Amongst those hurt near the summit of Etna on the island of Sicily were members of a television crew filming for the BBC.

"Lava flow hit some snow and the contrast between cold and hot generated this explosion".

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A new lava flow started from the south-eastern crater on Wednesday and was advancing with a temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius in an area covered by snow. "Volcanologist said most risky experience in his 30- year career".

Price fared better than one elderly woman nearby, however, with Morelle saying the 78-year-old had been "pelted with rocks and boiling steam", and that a guide's shoulder had been dislocated.

"Many injured - some head injuries, burns, cuts and bruises".

There are always risks involved with getting close to an active volcano, but experts say this kind of explosion is a rare event, as it takes a "perfect storm" of conditions for it to happen.

Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, is shown here erupting February 28, 2017.