A attractive sendoff - and exciting future - in 'The Vampire Diaries' series finale

Posted March 12, 2017

Sure, the mythology of the season with Cade and the Sirens and the MacGuffin bell are all there in the background, but how the show got here isn't almost as important as what the characters do to fix everything in the end, which feels like the exact right choice for a series finale. But that wasn't exactly true, then, was it? But her departure sealed the romantic contract between Damon and Elena.

But what the characters did with the rest of their lives was quickly overshadowed by the show's final idea, the idea that most important thing in this universe is to be reunited with those you love at the end once you die. Bonnie ended the series by saving Mystic Falls and her friends one last time (by regaining her magic, uh, somehow, that whole thing was unclear) and calling upon her ancestors in a powerful scene, then made a decision to travel and embrace her life and be happy without Enzo. And then, to top that off, Stefan went and drugged him with humanity to ensure that he'd never have a million years to get over her either.

None of the Mikaelson family members made an appearance in the final episode, but Caroline did receive a letter and a hefty donation to the boarding school from the hybrid vampire. All it takes is looking at Alaric and Elena's relationship, as complicated as it was, and his feelings when it came to the burden on him at leaving her behind to potentially die. It seems like whenever Enzo does pop up in these situations, he's fully tactile, if not visible to everyone else, so what are the rules about their interactions right now? Nothing's really clear as to where the boundaries of ghostly-human interactions lie, especially when it comes to these two.

After 8 seasons of bloodsuckers, dopplegangers, werewolves and witches, "The Vampire Diaries" signed off on Friday night with an explosive series finale.

What happens to Katherine now? Katherine has been destroyed, in theory; but has she really?

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"She's his best friend". We were all so young, and SO excited about the new and exciting show we had booked.

The cast of the show have been saying goodbye for weeks now, ever since the finale wrapped filming, and tonight they will finally conclude those emotions with the fans as they give another loving farewell. "I'm so proud of you all".

Seriously, what is it with the crow???

There's always hope - and ultimately that's the message that "Vampire Diaries" wants to leave us with: That death is one thing, but the peace we find in love is such a different thing it's hardly worth comparing the two - and that ultimately what we lose is never going to outweigh what we already have.

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