Trump Tells Planned Parenthood To Stop Abortions

Posted March 10, 2017

That is why I traveled to Washington, D.C. on March 1st alongside hundreds of other Planned Parenthood patients and health care providers, to tell Representative Reed and Senator Gillibrand that we won't stand for these attacks on our health care and the provider we trust.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress said that they will shortly move legislation to strip federal funds from Planned Parenthood, and a provision stating that was added to the Affordable Care Act repeal released on Monday.

Planned Parenthood is the top abortion provider in the United States and, as a recipient of federal funds, has been a thorn in the side of abortion opponents as they have won several victories in recent years.

Trump, who in 1999 declared himself "very pro-choice", said during the presidential campaign a year ago that he had evolved on the issue and abortions should be banned except in instances of rape or incest of the woman.

Donald Trump has said he will maintain federal funding for Planned Parenthood - if the health service stops providing abortions. In response to the newspaper, Trump said polling shows most Americans oppose public funding for abortion.

If you were pro-life, you would be advocating for universal health care, providing welfare and food stamps to children and families in need or trying to stop gun violence and mass shootings that affect families every day.

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The Post noted that, while some Planned Parenthood affiliates sometimes host "free mammography mobile vans" for low-income or uninsured women, no affiliates have mammogram machines in their clinics. The nonprofit organization provides a multitude of medical services, including cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease testing and, most controversially, abortions. In many parts of the country, Planned Parenthood clinics are the only place that women can get affordable mammograms, pap smears, check ups and birth control counseling. The organization, which receives about $500 million in federal funding each year, insisted that the funds do not pay for abortions.

The White House confirmed the deal offer in a statement to the Times.

Now, with the GOP in control of both chambers of Congress and the executive branch, the prospect of Planned Parenthood losing its funding seems more likely than ever.

"There is not a service Planned Parenthood performs that isn't provided by a local health department, except abortion", said state Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington. They didn't offer to do this because then the abortion corporation would have to act like a real business without subsidies from the government.

Richards also tweeted that Planned Parenthood is "proud" to provide abortions.