'People Pleaser' Injects Pregnant Mother With Heroin During Labor

Posted March 10, 2017

New Hampshire police say Felicia Farruggia, 29, asked Rhianna Frenette, 37, to inject her with heroin or meth to ease the pain of child birth. The incident took place six months ago, and the baby was delivered at term, but with traces of narcotics in his system.

Also arrested was 37 year old woman, Rhianna Frenette of Belmont who allegedly gave the expectant mother the speedball while she was in labor. Farruggia wept in court Wednesday while being charged with felony reckless conduct.

"Frenette attempted to inject Farruggia with an unsanitary syringe at least once before she successfully delivered a dose of the drug,"police said in a statement". After that, a roommate called 911. Farruggia gave birth to a baby boy as EMTs were putting her into the ambulance.

The judge accepted the states' recommendation for bail, holding Frenette on $25,000 cash bail, $20,000 for the felony, and $5,000 for the misdemeanor, until she is able to get an attorney.

It wasn't immediately known if they had lawyers.

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Police told WBZ-TV the investigation took so long because they had to wait for toxicology reports and needed witnesses to cooperate.

According to the affidavit, Farruggia said she started having contractions, went to the bathroom and lay on the floor. To tiresome out the pain, the woman asked Frenette to inject her with a cocktail of narcotics. She said she didn't stop Frenette from injecting her. An ambulance took the mom and baby to a local hospital.

Both women's arrest come after investigators pieced together what happened from interviewing witnesses and obtaining more drug test results since Farruggia's son was born.

It's unclear if the child's health was affected by the alleged drug use.

Both women have criminal records; Farruggia also has been involved in "guardianship of a minor" cases, an individual parenting petition and a custody petition, going back to 2005.