Tom Brady wants you to copy his freaky diet - for a price

Posted March 09, 2017

The kits are made by Purple Carrot, a plant-based food company founded by CEO Andy Levitt in his own kitchen nearly three years ago. And similar to the strict diet the Brady-Bündchen household follows, customers can expect each meal to be gluten-free, high in protein and low in refined sugar.

"The meal kit industry has grown significantly since I launched Purple Carrot two-and-a-half years ago", said Andy Levitt, Purple Carrot's Founder & CEO. If you get emails from Groupon, you probably get emails about prepared meals.

The package comes in at $78 per week, $10 more than Purple Carrot's typical plan, and includes six meals. The next big name in the prepared meals market could be Purple Carrot. The company competes against more established brands like Blue Apron and HelloFresh.

What kind of meals come in the box?

The guy in the video with Thomas says DT was just joking around with the Tom Brady comment. and meant no harm.

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Not only will the dinner subscription service include fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, but it will also have simple step-by-step instructions to help subscribers cook numerous same meals Brady eats to stay fit.

Purple Carrot has adopted the phrase "Eat Like A Goat", a double meaning that references a goat's plant-based diet and the acronym to greatest of all time.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "We think having Tom will make it more likely that we'll get some more men subscribing because they feel that connection to him".

On the heels of Brady's $200 cookbook - as well as his $50 bags of nuts - Brady is now offering an at-home food delivery service for people interested in living the plant-based life that he's embraced.