Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on International Women's Day

Posted March 09, 2017

Women are on strike across the nation today in a mass demonstration aimed at illustrating their often overlooked contributions to society and the economy.

Thankfully, the organizers have included ways to participate that don't require missing work: One is to avoid spending money (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).

Among those participating was Laura Goodwin, 46, of Long Beach. But we are together, reSisters. But she said women in the USA must first address some of the attacks by President Donald Trump's administration on health care and reproductive rights. "We've seen how numbers are important to this administration; we saw this during the Women's March and I hope this will also be the case [on Wednesday]".

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"The Trump WH is so feminist, EVERY day is Day Without a Woman", the caption read. "Look at his three wives, his daughters, they're all successful", Jacobs noted. "And this should be an opportunity on International Women's Day to put our point of view out there".

Women go on strike in United States to show their economic cloutAmerican women stayed home from work, zipped up their wallets, wore red and joined rallies across the country to demonstrate their economic clout Wednesday as part of International Women's Day events around the globe. This half of the total population started practical struggle when in 1908 about 15000 women marched through the streets of the New York City for their rights to get better pay scales and shorter duty hours. The group has pledged to hold 10 events during President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office. I also believe general strikes are a powerful protest tool-I was in awe when the women of Poland used the tactic to successfully stop their government from banning abortion just a few months ago.

She said her intention was to have the event take a "radical, militant, inclusive" tone that includes "sex workers, transgender people and others who we feel have been overlooked". But he won a full 53 percent of white women voters, challenging the notion idea that women voted by identity rather than allegiance to a political party.