Cowboys visiting with former Browns QB Josh McCown today

Posted March 09, 2017

Romo, who suffered a broken bone in his back during a preseason game past year, is the Cowboys' franchise leader in yards (34,183) and touchdowns (248).

While the Houston Texans are also making a heavy play for Romo's services, it's unlikely that they sign him. The timing is done due to the fact that they want to make him a post-June 1 cap casualty.

We all knew they couldn't trade Romo: The Cowboys didn't want a backup in 2017 at that cap number, and the other 31 National Football League teams knew it. This led to many assuming that the Dallas Cowboys might release Tony before the NFL Draft, so that they could free up some space on the cap.

Romo has spent 14 seasons with Dallas, but was supplanted as the team's starter this season by rookie standout Dak Prescott.

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At 37 years old, nobody will be looking at him as a long-term solution, but rather hoping he is the missing piece to guide a ready-to-win team to postseason glory. For his career, he has a QB-rating of 97.1 and finishes with the most yards and passing touchdowns in Cowboys' franchise history.

You can immediately take the Chiefs off the table, as multiple reports say that they're committed to Alex Smith at quarterback and are not interested in entering into a conversation with Romo.

ESPN, Fox Sports and the NFL Network all cited unnamed sources in reporting Wednesday the team would dump Romo, whose salary cap cost of $24.7 million is the highest of any NFL quarterback.

If the Texans hope to land Tony Romo, they need to give them their best offer up front. Romo lost his starting job last season after suffering an injury in the preseason.