The Walking Dead Recap: Just A Little More

Posted March 08, 2017

Gabriel is saying, you're capable of so much more yet here you are just spending your time yelling at me. I actually kinda liked his speech this time-it seemed, for a moment, like he wasn't a total craven whose two action modes are "total coward", and "seems like a total coward, but may have a plan of some sort". She brings this to Sasha and the two agree on a one-way trip to the Sanctuary to kill Negan. And hey, sad as it is, an interracial couple on TV is still a nice change of pace, especially on a series that's had certain problems in the past.

It's not ideal though: the fake out of Rick's death was manufactured to say the least and the Rosita stuff is a re-tread of Sasha's entire post-Bob plot. Back in Alexandria, we see Tara struggling with the ethical dilemma of Oceanside, and Rosita is still pissed off about everything. It's his comments to Rosita in the church that set her on her path to take out Negan by the end of the episode. She picks a massive gun with a scope from the weapons haul and presents it to Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), promising to let her take the fatal shot. I dunno. Something else happens. She and Rick then haggle over the number of guns Rick's people can keep, and about the stupid cat sculpture Rick stole after their last meeting. Not only does this scene finally give Glenn's death the weight that a hundred minutes of ugly crying could not, it also reminds us about how powerless Rick felt in his defeat by Negan.

Rick and Michonne are fun together. The one with the helicopter on it a few seasons back?

We are never really clear as to how all those zombies and weapons got to the circus, but Rick and Michonne take them all down and claim the arsenal of weapons. Last week was low stakes too (unless you were heavily invested in Eugene's soul), but no one ends up on the Dark Side this time around.

Trouble strikes a second time when Rick gets distracted by a deer in the distance.

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And hey, I'm here for that.

The episode begins with a quick montage of Rick and Michonne out on a supply run. I love that he turned it on her and said, "Say yes", the way she said that to him. As Michonne says, it feels like a sign. She wants Negan dead and she's going to do whatever she can to make that happen. Jardis and her odd band of Mad Max-inspired scavengers weren't satisfied by Rick and Michonne's gun run; which means Tara has been backed into a corner. But any fan of the show will know that producers for The Walking Dead like to build characters up and break the hearts of their viewers and characters by giving them a super-sized sendoff when the fate of their world descends upon them.

- You guys really should've seen that roof collapse after.

Both these people have already suffered inconceivable loss: Michonne lost her boyfriend and her son; Rick lost his wife and his best friend, and they've both lost countless friends and allies throughout the show. This week, McDermitt dives into the 12th episode of season 7, "Say Yes". Oh, and it was one of the season's better episodes. Just as zombies start to converge on her, however, Rick pops out from underneath a box or something, picks up the sword, and tosses it back to Michonne. They're the only ones who matter to her. It could be interesting to see both Sasha and Rosita on their suicide mission but it is still annoying that these two characters are still defined by men. Now that their romance isn't alive, Rick and Michonne's relationship feels like a welcome comfort.