'Logan' slices box office with $85.3M, 'Moonlight' gets bump

Posted March 08, 2017

(The Picket)- When one thinks of Wolverine from the X-Men it is impossible to avoid the image of a fit Hugh Jackman in an intense fight scene baring his claws or his yellow spandex covered comic book counterpart. "Presumed to be the final outing for Wolverine, it plays more like a late period John Wayne western than it does like a conventional superhero film".

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, Hugh Jackman has spent the last 17 years playing Wolverine in both ensemble X-Men films like Days of Future Past and his own solo movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Before Logan came along, the top opening of 2017 belonged to The Lego Batman Movie ($83 million). Logan is the third film in the Wolverine franchise which is one of the favourite superhero movies here.

The movie took in an estimated $85.3 million, according to Exhibitor Relations, setting the record for the biggest-ever R-rated opening weekend at the box office in March.

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In recent news, Patrick Stewart-who portrayed the fatherly mutant Professor Charles Xavier for nearly two decades-announced that he too would be stepping down from the role. The film has earned more than $25 million at the box office, despite a production budget of only $1.5 million.

He said: "A week ago, Friday night in Berlin, the three of us sat, watching the movie".

The Shack, exceeding expectations, placed No. 3 behind Logan and Universal/Blumhouse holdover Get Out, which grossed $26.1 million in its second weekend for an impressive domestic total of $75.9 million. Meanwhile Lionsgate's faith-based drama played well, but couldn't beat the sophomore weekend of Jordan Peele's horror movie. From 868 screens, it made $1.5 million and a wee per-screen average of $1,815.

Longest running film on the USA box office is La La Land which has now been around for 13 weeks and the highest total grossing is Hidden Figures with $158 million. "Moonlight" also ranks fourth on iTunes.