Almost 500 homes, businesses damaged in storms

Posted March 08, 2017

Hail pounded Kansas City, Kansas, as severe thunderstorms hit other parts of Kansas and Missouri.

The Midwest was slammed with 29 reported tornadoes Monday, according to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, leaving behind a trail of damaged homes and displaced and injured residents.

In Smithville, Missouri, between 60 and 70 homes were damaged or destroyed, Police Chief Jason Lockridge said.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., received reports of more than 30 tornadoes in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and IL late Monday and early Tuesday.

There were significant damages reported in the Oak Grove area east of Kansas City, in Smithville north of Kansas City and in the Kansas suburbs of Leawood and Olathe.

Scarborough said he is aware of 12 people who were treated for injuries, three of whom were transported to the hospital.

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In Iowa, where hurricane-force winds were reported, the Muscatine Fire Department said several homes and businesses were damaged Monday night as power lines were knocked down.

Looking ahead, Manzo says "the threat for severe weather shifts southward today with possible damaging winds and large hail from northern Louisiana to Southern Tennessee".

In Kansas' Johnson County, officials shut down the Johnson County Executive Airport "due to multiple hangars and planes being damaged" in the storm.

The National Weather Service plans to assess the existence and strength of tornadoes in the area.

The website for the utility company Kansas City Power & Light showed about 40,000 customers without power early Tuesday.

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