Ranking all the Wolverine movies after Logan

Posted March 07, 2017

Cape Town - For anyone who is a fan of X-Men, the tormented, but gentle-natured Logan, or Wolverine, is one of the most hard to love characters from the group.

Beware, the following information contains spoilers.Fans who have watched the movie were somewhat expecting the death of Logan, but when Professor X died too, it came as a shock.

Ageing fanboys and enthusiasm from critics propelled Logan, an R-rated X-Men spin-off, to a fat US$85.3 million (S$120.3 million) in North American ticket sales over the weekend. According to Variety, Hugh Jackman's Logan opened with a "powerful $9.5 million". Anyone who's seen the movie already, will have figured out why that is and basically, the results are heart-breakingly sad; Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) accidentally killed them all.

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In the near future, a tired Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. The film which is mutant superhero Wolverine's final chapter was one of the most-awaited Hollywood films of 2017 and the opening day box office numbers prove that India loves Wolverine. Logan strikes a contemplative tone, which sets it apart from the other stand-alone Wolverine films.

Old man Logan won't go gently into that good night. One of the film's strengths is how it basically stands on its own, making only passing references to events and characters from the previous films in the X-Men franchise.

As this scene never made its way to filming, we probably won't ever find out what exactly happened to cause Logan and Xavier to flee Westchester, but considering that this was ultimately James Mangold's deliberate intention, that's probably for the best. Logan is quick to debunk the stories in the comics, but you can be the judge of that yourself by taking a look at some of their pages. In the comic books themselves, X-23 has largely taken over for the traditional Logan Wolverine. It's also the highest opening for an R-rated movie in March and fifth highest overall for an R-rated movie.