Profane and violent, 'Logan' lets Wolverine off the chain

Posted March 03, 2017

After 17 years of portraying the role of Wolverine in the longest running comic book series "X-Men", Hugh Jackman finally comes to its conclusion. Sitting on a NY fire escape with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness the Saturday night after X-Men opened in 2000 and her saying: "I think this is going to change everything".

Strangely, Stephen Merchant isn't used to his full comic potential and plays very much a straight role here, and to good effect.

Laura is also a killer badass, and Keen makes her so fun to watch.

With the alternative timeline (s) tweaked by the events in X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, it's hard to say for certain when and where the story of Logan actually takes place. We chatted with Sir Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook and director James Mangold, while our specially-chosen Wolverine superfan Benjamin Weisenfeld got to sit down to chat with the man himself after cosplaying as Wolvie since Jackman started playing him in 2000. It's Wolvie's key catch phrase, but after seeing it play out on screen, I think it was better left as just words.

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Set in 2029, a time when almost all of mutant kind has been wiped out and no new mutants have been born in many years, Logan (Hugh Jackman)-looking very gray and not healing as well as he used to-is working as a limo driver near the Mexican border to save money to care for an ailing Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), whose declining mental faculties coincide with a waning control of his huge psychic abilities. While Logan looks to be a lot lighter on the toilet humor and sex jokes, it is a safe bet that it could continue the trend of successful R-rated movies with a noir approach. The role will be played by the 11-year-old Dafne Keen. I'm very proud of the movies of the past, but I felt I had something more.

I would have been so much happier with more drama and exposition regarding the world Logan is living in, than to see (again) that he can put his claws through someone's skull and tell them to go "F" themselves.

Set in the near future, the film follows a tired Logan (Jackman) as he cares for an ailing Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) in a hideout on the Mexican border. He has played the confident ladies' man, the tortured amnesiac, the self-deprecating hero and the inspirational mentor.