Nintendo Switch Demos Have No Play Limit

Posted March 03, 2017

Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant's new video games console which can be used both at home and remotely, has gone on sale in the UK. This is Nintendo being that quaint toymaker they've been for over a hundred years now.

The Nintendo Switch is available tomorrow from €329.99 (although it might be hard to get your hands on one as they are set to be an instant sellout).

REP: How do you feel about the launch lineup?

Without a doubt, the biggest draw among the Switch's initial lineup of games is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Now, while we're sure (most) mature players wouldn't dream of gobbling up their favorite game, it seems like a smart way to stop younger, more carefree humans from accidentally eating them - which actually makes ideal sense.

It is now unknown who first chose to lick a Nintendo Switch cartridge.

One of the biggest drawbacks with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is that it is unable to charge itself while being connected to a Bluetooth device, even with the USB cable attached.

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Customers are also encouraged to visit their local ToysRus stores physically and place orders for the launch.

In more recent generations, as cartridges have become smaller and smaller, the growing concern is ingestion.

Again, they continue on with the same theme: the Switch has so much potential but it's just lacking some basic features. Because as we all know, coffee isn't the only thing to keep you up at night and it certainly doesn't smell like Coco Mademoiselle.

ALTANO: "The software lineup announced so far seems typical Nintendo: strong where it counts, but few and far between".

They also reported on one scary instance when a WIRED editor pulled the Switch in handheld mode out of his backpack to play on his commute, only to find that refused to turn on. This is a game that will get tons of replay value, and will be an instant fan favourite at any party.

I'm sure many of us have at least dabbled in a form of mobile gaming other than our phones, if not having a DS or Vita kicking around collecting dust, outside of road trips or Pokémon title launches. I think it's worked. It's quite easy to fall down a very expensive path when you start adding up the prices of additional controllers and peripherals, though.

The Joy-Con controllers can also be split in half to enable two players to compete against each other.