Apple is turning the iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy phone

Posted March 01, 2017

Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo - who has a long track record of accurate predictions of upcoming iPhone models - said that Apple is going to shake things up with a new "curved" look in 2017.

The change to the new port could enable Apple iPhone owners to connect their device directly to their MacBooks for power and data transfer.

Why the change? The biggest difference between USB-C and Lightning is the former's ability to charge a device in minutes, not hours. The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will retain the standard LCD displays.

Ongoing speculations and recent leaks have confirmed that Apple has planned new upgrades for its "tenth-anniversary" model.

Though this would be a surprising move from Apple considering it's never been shy about the fact that its devices and peripherals have their own connection standards, it does have precedence as the company recently adopted USB-C on its MacBook line.

"Our work suggests that AR could be the next major innovation from Apple and that its competencies could make the company a victor", Milunovich said in a report.

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Switching out the Lighting port for USB-C won't improve compatibility any more than including the right cable with the phone will, and other than using the same port as everyone else, the incentive to abandon what's already proven and reliable isn't there.

The Lightning connector replaced the 30-pin connector back in September 2012 and first debuted on the iPhone 5. This iPhone is rumored to cost $1,000.

A RUMOUR THAT IS PROBABLY NOT TRUE suggests that the iPhone 8 might dump Apple's proprietary Lightning connector in favour of a USB-C port. The last flagship we saw with a screen of the sort was none other than Apple arch-rival Samsung.

Rumors about Apple's upcoming iPhones have been surfacing over the past year or so, of which many have been consistent across multiple reports.

Which iPhone 8 feature are you most looking forward to? When Apple killed the headphone jack, Lightning was its non-wireless replacement. A new report claims Apple is replacing the Lightning connector with USB-C on the new model, but I'm not convinced. But with yield rates at manufacturing facilities just starting to reach suitable levels, Apple has in the past required too many orders for any supplier to make enough units.