The Trump Administration Removed Bathroom Protections For Transgender Students

Posted February 26, 2017

Secretary of Education and West Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos initially opposed President Trump's decision to withdraw from the previous administration's guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools, according to reports.

DeVos, who prior to her confirmation was best known as a conservative political activist who had donated large sums of money to the Republican Party, had briefly addressed the conference, largely focusing her speech on the importance of conservative ideas and encouraging younger, college-age CPAC attendees not to be bullied or cowed into silence due to their conservative beliefs.

On Wednesday evening, Mr. Trump rescinded Mr. Obama's directive to protect transgender students and subsequently issued his own guidelines for Title IX interpretation.

"This is an issue best solved at the state and local level", DeVos said Wednesday. But DeVos was digging in her heels, resisting attempts to take away these student rights.

"I want to return power in education back to where it belongs, with parents, communities, and states", she said, reiterating a return to state control which she had previously suggested.

During her CPAC appearance, DeVos called for school choice policies and more conservative activism on college campuses.

The rocky confirmation of Betsy DeVos and the incredible protests that surrounded it had Americans complaining that new education secretary would wreak havoc on the country's schools and students.

DeVos and other conservative reformers are taking the real lesson of the grant program's failure: "spending money on the wrong thing for schools doesn't help", and shortening it to a far more damaging assessment: "spending money on schools doesn't help".

Jeff Sessions flexes Trump influence in fight with DeVos on transgender student rights

On Thursday, Weingarten responded to DeVos speech by re-tweeting a quote from Todd Mann, head of the public Magnet Schools of America: "It is absolutely imperative that our Secretary of Education understands [public schools]".

DeVos' controversial appointment has produced divided opinion among Texas Wesleyan University's School of Education faculty and students.

Ms. DeVos eventually fell in line with the rest of the administration on the issue, but she later took care to emphasize her dedication to preventing discrimination and bullying against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, in an echo of her earlier work toward promotion of LGBT rights.

"Now let me ask you: How many of you are college students?"

About this last issue, she told students listening in the audience: "Don't shut up". And now we must watchdog her every move and hold her and the President accountable.

"My job isn't to win a popularity contest with the media or the education establishment here in Washington". The students who left public schools were more likely to depart from schools where they were in the racial minority and join private schools where they were in the racial majority.

When Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of CT, a vocal gun control advocate, questioned DeVos on her stance on guns in schools, DeVos said some schools need them for protection and suggested Wyoming schools may need firearms for brown bears.

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