Today was the warmest day in February ever recorded in Worcester

Posted February 25, 2017

- Weather records were set Friday in New York, New Jersey and CT as the area experienced unseasonably warm temperatures.

A day beating a record high, though uncommon, is something the National Weather Service always looks for, Lipton said.

Friday was the warmest it has ever gotten since records were first kept, National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham said.

By midday, Boston had also hit 71 - also a record.

Friday's temperatures set a record.

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In Buffalo, 70-degree temperatures broke the February 24 record shortly before 1 p.m., according to the NWS office at Buffalo International Airport.

Temperatures reached 68 degrees, the National Weather Service announced Friday. That beat the previous record of 65, which was set in 1990.

A strong cold front, potentially accompanied by storms, is predicted to pass on Saturday evening.

Earlier in the day, Boston had also reached its peak February temperature, hitting 71 degrees.

To put that 1906 date in perspective, it was a time when Theodore Roosevelt was president. This month, the average high has been 43 and average low, 25.3 degrees. At the time, local news included an inquiry into reports of fish being dynamited in the Niagara River, the newspaper says.