Microsoft aims to reshape India digitally

Posted February 24, 2017

Skype Lite, as the name suggests, is a lighter, more data friendly version of the video calling app, and will only be available in India. Nadella met the Indian Prime Minister and IT minister earlier this week so Microsoft's endorsement will certainly bolster the government's plan.

The Skype app for Android isn't great - it's often slow, with somewhat-awful call quality and the occasional crash.

BotsThe app is also introducing chatbot into the mainframe of the app, which seems to be a helpful addition. Aadhaar sign-ins will be enabled by June 2017. After Facebook Lite, YouTube Go and others, Skype has now jumped on the "Lite" bandwagon, making it easier for users in developing countries like India to access and utilize the features of Skype seamlessly over restricted connectivity. If the person chooses to share that information, at the end of the call, all of the Aadhaar ID data is completely erased from the recipient's device. As part of the project, job seekers can connect to the skill learning programmes that are relevant for jobs by leveraging the power of LinkedIn's extensive job search platform.

Skype Lite is an offering for mobile-first and mobile-only markets, and the App allows communication and collaboration over low-bandwidth networks, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said. "Every Indian citizen should be empowered with their own data, so that they can be data-rich", he said. The project is still under private preview.

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Nadella highlighted the Microsoft Garage India-only app, Kaizala, which is being used by the government of the Andhra Pradesh region to help coordinate a major local festival by, for example, conducting polls, assigning jobs and managing bills across workgroups. Also, the new app is created to run on old or low-end Android devices without consuming too much memory or processing power. Besides the reduction in file size and under-the-hood optimizations, there's a lot more that the app has to offer.When you get on Fast Connection app will switch to HD calls that are the same as regular Skype calls.

The Director of product management at Skype, Eugene Ho said, "Skype helps people bring them closer together".

To make things even better, Microsoft has built in a range of India-focused bots in order to help automate tasks and pull content (such as news) in an efficient way than opening a web browser. "The company will allow people to enroll through Aadhaar cards and later utilize LinkedIn to manage their profiles", Nadella said during the event.