Stephen King and JJ Abrams collaborating on 'Castle Rock' for Hulu

Posted February 19, 2017

Here are the facts: it's been confirmed as a Hulu original series that will follow an anthology format that will tie together themes and characters from King's vast trove of works and interestingly the comments have been disabled on the YouTube channel, potentially to limit discussion before more details are made available. Next up, apparently: a project called Castle Rock that looks squarely aimed at fans of King's classic best-sellers.

The fictional ME town Castle Rock should sound familiar to King readers as it has been the setting for books like Cujo and Needful Things.

King titles such as 'Salem's Lot and Needful Things; locations like Shawshank State Prison and The Barrens; and character names such as Annie Wilkes, Pennywise and Danny Torrance scroll across the screen as the movie audio quotes play. King fans certainly recognize Castle Rock as the setting for a number of King's most famous stories. We have no clue what the idea for this show is - is it based on existing King stories? Additional seasons will focus on different characters and events, with previous themes and characters returning when stories overlap. And just from a world-building perspective, Castle Rock is a constant presence, referred to in passing in almost every important King work - including the series 11.22.63, which King and Abrams previously made for Hulu.

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This isn't the first time Abrams and King have teamed up for a Hulu series, as they worked together for 2016's JFK time-travelling drama 11.22.63.

Could this be a series where all of King's iconic tales interact?