McDonald's Develops Better Straws to Let You Enjoy Shakes

Posted February 17, 2017

McDonald's has unveiled a limited-edition straw designed by a team of aerospace and robotics engineers.

The redesigned STRAW - short for "Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal", will solve one problem: having to wait for your shake to melt a bit before you can get the ideal mix of chocolate and mint flavors.

All McCafes in 80 cities of the world will use the new straw with the fantastic drink Shamrock Shake. "A lot of designs we came up with would work well when the shake was full, or might work when the shake was empty", he tells Fast Company, "but in a lot of situations, we found if we didn't get the diameters just right, we'd end up drawing in air". McDonald's needed to ask for the help of two difference engineering firms to improve the straw.

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Announced with much fanfare on Facebook Live, McDonald's bigged-up their innovative J-shaped drinking tool during 20 minutes of unabashed hype.

One of the inventors behind the straw, principal engineer and managing partner Seth Newburg, said: "It was a puzzling assignment but one with an ambitious goal".

Calling the assignment an "ambitious goal", principal engineer and managing partner at NK Labs Seth Newburg explained, "From a physics perspective, it's actually quite hard to deliver a proportional amount of both chocolate and mint flavors with each sip". The decision is a part of a marketing relocation for McDonald's brand-new Chocolate Shamrock Shake. Sadly, McDonald's will limit the straw distribution. If the company were to order more straws, they would no longer make it in all McCafes in time for the Shamrock season.