Tim Cook says augmented reality is 'a big idea like the smartphone'

Posted February 14, 2017

"Most people don't want to lock themselves out from the world for a long period of time and today you can't do that because you get sick from it", he said.

Cook also commented that fake news was "killing people's minds", and he suggested that "it's nearly as if a new course is required for the modern kid, for the digital kid". It has to be ingrained in the public. "We have to think through every demographic", Cook said.

Cracking down on illegitimate news sources may be a necessary step in protecting the Fourth Estate.

But it called into question the power of fake news reports spread on social media to alter the outcome of the election, saying that, "for fake news to have changed the outcome of the election, a single fake article would need to have had the same persuasive effect as 36 television campaign ads".

The wrong interpretation of the news provided by the fake news sites should be diminished and the action should be taken as a whole.

It can be very hard for web surfers to tell the difference between legitimate news sources and fakes.

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False stories have thrived on social media in recent highly-divisive political campaigns, in particular the USA presidential election.

The term "fake news" was originally coined to describe online stories that are created to deceive readers.

"It's nearly as if a new course is required for the modern kid, for the digital kid", Cook said. Google slashed ad revenue for more than 340 fake news sites a year ago by cutting off access to GoogleAds; Facebook launched a feature in December that allows users to report posts sharing false information. The new interviews, however, shift the focus away from the company's flagship product.

Apple's own Apple News app has been credited with being a relatively reliable place to find information.

Significant space to expand "We're double-downing on a huge headquarters in the Battersea area. and we're leaving significant space there to expand", says Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive.

Bolstering this rumor, Jankowski also draws our attention to the fact that Lumentum during its most recent earnings conference call said that they just "shipped our first revenue into what we believe could be a high volume mobile device application".