Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy

Posted February 14, 2017

The "Bridemaids" actress' surprising turn as the president's chief spokesman last week was not well received in the White House, with Politico reporting President Trump was upset that a woman portrayed his male press secretary, making him look weak.

"I'm calm now. And I will remain calm as long as you sons of ..."

McCarthy opened the night's briefing by assuring the press corps that it needn't worry: This was going to be the "New Spicy". "And this is the new Spicey". McCarthy's Spicer pulls out a very big piece of gum, unwraps it, rolls it up and uses both hands to stuff it into his mouth, laboriously chewing.

Seemingly having taken the actual Spicer's advice to "dial back" to heart, actor Melissa McCarthy returned with "new Spicy" only one week after debuting her character. "Way too many pieces in there".

His next example was a Moana doll, from the Disney animated film of the same name (Moana is Hawaiian, thus actually American, a fact overlooked by McCarthy as Spicer).

She then proceeded to stumble through pronunciations while reading the president's daily schedule of meetings and events with a "Central Asia" leader.

She then drove her podium into the press pool. "I can't believe that's you, I mean you were so handsome", Davidson says.

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Spicer also went through a list of terrorism attacks that were "going unreported", including the "Columbine Green" massacre: "Not the Kellyanne one but the real one".

But halfway through, McCarthy stopped to advertise jewellery and shoes by Ivanka Trump in an unflinching critiques of attacks on Nordstrom from within The White House.

The press secretary's fondness for props makes another appearance, as McCarthy uses Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls to explain what "extreme vetting".

"I'm right, they're wrong", Baldwin as Trump erupted.

McCarthy's Spicer then gave the floor to McKinnon as Jeff Sessions, before briefly returning to "field" a few more questions from reporters.

"We know she is okay, because she is blonde, and so she gets in".

In response, McCarthy's "Spicey" claimed to be toning down the 'tude a notch to take a calmer approach and arrived with just one giant stick of gum instead of downing a whole bottle, like last time.