Protesters Initially Block DeVos from Entering DC School

Posted February 13, 2017

One person was arrested; DC Metro police are reportedly determining whether DeVos was physically assaulted.

Another said: "She's giving money to senators and buying her way into the position". "You should be so proud of yourself".

Ms DeVos, 59, is a billionaire Republican donor who spent more than two decades promoting charter schools and school voucher programmes in her home state of MI and elsewhere.

James Cultrara of the New York State Catholic Conference, which represents 500 Catholic schools, says that her opponents will be pleasantly surprised.

DeVos was confirmed by the Senate after her nomination provoked fierce opposition online. She has worked for years as an advocate and activist for school choice, earning the wrath of unions who fear she'll draw resources away from public schools.

DeVos' nomination was fiercely opposed by teachers unions and Democratic lawmakers in large part over her long support for charter schools and other public school alternatives.

Jefferson Academy teachers were to stay in their classrooms during the protests.

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Weingarten herself tweeted: "We don't condone such acts".

If she wants to take a wrecking ball to the public school system, she should at least have to break through a wall first.

Jennifer Ibrahim, 34, a humanitarian worker, brought her son to the protest.

While inside, DeVos met with teachers, the school's principal and the chancellor of D.C. public schools, in addition to touring the classrooms.

DeVos is an anti-secular theocrat with no experience working in public education. "This is a bear". During her confirmation hearing, she appeared uneducated on important federal laws regarding education, particularly laws protecting the education rights of disabled individuals. "We need to keep it that way".

The Washington Teacher's Union organized a gathering outside the school, but were not among the protesters who blocked her.

Growing up in Mantador, I went to elementary school with a class of 13 other small town kids, and graduated in Hankinson with a class of nearly 60. "We welcome @BetsyDeVos & anyone who wants to learn more about our schools".

Betsy DeVos was scheduled to visit a D.C. middle school today, and, well, things didn't go too great for her.