Twitter unveils new features to curb harassment

Posted February 09, 2017

Last week, Twitter introduced another feature which allows you to report Tweets that mention you, even if the author has blocked you.

Twitter is making three major platform changes to fight back against online bullying and harassment issues that continue to plague the social network.

'We stand for freedom of expression and people being able to see all sides of any topic. This particularly focusses on accounts that are only created to abuse and harass other Twitter users. These tweets still exist if you do want to view them, but they are initially hidden from the search results. These Tweet replies will still be accessible to those who seek them out. This feature will be implemented in the coming weeks, the company said.

Twitter has long had an abuse and harassment problem, which has put off a lot of would-be users.

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Twitter will also change the search tool and timeline algorithms to help hide potentially abusive material, such as porn or harsh language. The first step to tackling this menace is to stop the creation of accounts by repeat offenders.

In a new blog post announcing the latest update on safety, Twitter details that it's cracking down harder now on abusers who create new accounts in order to keep trolling those who blocked them. Essentially, Twitter is playing the role of quality filter here - highlighting the worthy conversations, and hiding those that are offensive, abusive and unhelpful.

One of the improvements suggested to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, as 2016 came to a close was to curb abuse on the micro-blogging website. Twitter will also introduce a safe-search mode to omit potentially abusive and threatening results from search results. In April of 2015, the company changed some of its policies to more easily ban users who threatened violence against others. Twitter says users should see the new features over the course of the next few days - some changes will be visible and some less so, according to the announcement. TWTR also says that the content will still be there for those that want to see it.