Iran bans USA Wrestling from Freestyle World Cup after President Trump policy

Posted February 04, 2017

Wrestling team was supposed to take part in the event in Western Iran from February 16-17.

"If these reports are true, USA Wrestling is extremely disappointed about this, which we believe would be an unacceptable situation", the U.S. statement says.

Iran on Friday denied an American wrestling team visas after Donald Trump barred 7 predominantly Muslim countries for the US.

Officials said that USA wrestlers have taken part in Iranian meets on 15 other occasions dating back to the 1998 Takhti Cup in Tehran, according to The Post.

"Crazy! I've never been more welcomed by any country in the world and now we can't even enter the country!"

A senior Iranian official that his country would continue its missile program, despite threats from the Trump administration that it was preparing to levy new sanctions.

Qasemi said a government committee reviewed the case and that "eventually the visit by the U.S. freestyle wrestling team was opposed". "Moreover, we are hopeful that the global community can unite around the common cause of countering Iran's troubling actions".

United States freestyle wrestlers have competed in Iran since the 1998 Takhti Cup in Tehran following an absence of almost 20 years. Nearly like it [was] handed down from the president to us.

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Khatami said the reiterating an "old message" from previous administrations, regardless of political party.

Summary⎙ Print As US-Iran relations deteriorate over visa bans and missile launches, sports exchanges are collateral damage. "This was going to be a prestigious event that I got to do with my team members".

This reporter was present in Tehran's Azadi Stadium when the U.S. flag was displayed and Iranian fans cheered as much or more for the American wrestlers as for their own team.

The good news for fourth-ranked Ohio State is that Snyder, a junior heavyweight from Maryland, will compete in dual meets against No. 13 Minnesota and No. 6 Nebraska instead of going to Iran.

Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said Iran would continue its missile program despite opposition from the USA government.

National Security Advisor Mike Flynn said Wednesday that Iran is "on notice" after ballistic missile tests and an attack by Iran-backed Houthi rebels on a Saudi vessel, though the White House did not detail what that notice meant. Our missile drills are a show of our might, ' he said.

The fresh USA measures were in response to Iran's latest ballistic missile test and its support for Shiite Huthi rebels in Yemen who in the past week targeted a Saudi warship, United States officials said. "We are living in a world of wolves".

The rejection of visas for the American wrestlers bodes ill for other types of exchanges in an atmosphere of rising hostility between the two governments. In this world of wolves should we remain unarmed and they do whatever damn things they want? "'You have been against Islam" since 1979 Islamic Revolution.