Amazon Hits $3.7B For Q4, Millions Join Prime

Posted February 04, 2017

On the other hand, the company had reported the adjusted revenue growth of 22 percent to $43.7 billion in the fourth quarter 2016, missing the analysts' estimates for revenue of $44.7 billion. On average, analysts forecast that CA will post $2.51 EPS for the current fiscal year. "It's called negative leverage and the street hates it". The Company's global segment includes export sales from its internationally focused Websites, including export sales from its sites to customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Net income was $749 million, up 55% form the year-ago quarter. The trade volumes are expected to remain volatile during earnings announcement period, as many investors would reconsider their investment in, Inc. based on the results. Just ahead of the USA open, the company's shares are trading for $839, a decline of approximately 4% from prior market close. The company's revenue was up 29.0% compared to the same quarter a year ago. Technology and content spending increased 27% to US$4.5bil (RM19.91bil).

A hub for the company's growing fleet of Prime Air cargo planes will be built at an airport in northern Kentucky, adding more than 2,000 USA workers to the approximately 10,000 people it already employs at fulfillment centers in that state.

"Our Prime team's customer obsession kept them busy in 2016", Bezos said in a statement announcing the earnings.

Amazon continues to invest in its core retail network.

Amazon also provided some guidance for its next quarter, projecting operating income of between $250 million and $900 million in the first three months of 2017, down from $1.1 billion in the corresponding period in 2016.

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The reasons for the increase in viewing on Prime Video and Amazon Video make complete sense when you think about it.

The consensus recommendation, according to Zacks Investment research, is 1.37. Amazon now has at least 66 million paying Prime members.

"While this does not necessarily mean the options are 'cheap, ' it does suggest the options market believes that this quarter could result in less volatility than previous quarters on average", derivatives analysts at Susquehanna Financial Group wrote in a recent note to clients. That guidance includes an anticipated unfavorable impact of about $730 million from foreign exchange rates.

Devices infused with Alexa artificial intelligence were top selling products at during the holiday season, according to the company. The company's cloud computing division is its fastest growing profit driver, and AWS operating income for this past quarter increased by 60 percent to $926 million, from $580 million.

"Amazon stock tends to get bid up over the euphoria of retail shifting online during the holiday shopping season, and now it's taking a little breather", he said.